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25 ways to have a spa day at home Read Article

25 Ways To Have a Spa Day At Home

I'd say about once a month we all need a little TLC. Blow outs are relaxing, a massage is to-die-for, and your nails could really use a manicure but our wallet doesn't always agree. When that's the case we turn to pampering ourselves in the comfort of our own home. Here's 25 ways that you can relax and unwind without even stepping outside! 1. Eat right 2. Light candles 3. Treat yourself 4. Play music 5. Take a bath 6. Sit in a massage chair (Or invest in a hand-held back massager) 7. Drink tea 8. Wear a robe 9. Place cucumbers on your eyes while you... 10. Take a nap 11. Have a smoothie 12. Place your lotion bottle on a vent so it's nice and warm when you need it 13. Deep condition your hair 14. Use a sugar scrub on your legs 15. At-home man
15 way married 15 years Read Article

15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years

The world is blowing up with all the details of celeb failed marriages and all that that entails. When I was single, I devoured details of celebrity divorces. The scandal! The intrigue! Now that I'm married, it kinda just makes me sad. I hate when that ever popular 50% stat is proven right. So whenever I start to get a little down about my own relationship or the state of marriages in general, I pull up what is probably my most favorite piece of writing on the internet. I know, that's a bold statement. But it's true. Author Lydia Netzer has been married for 15 years. She and her husband aren't experts on marriage, just their own, and you can tell they are super proud of their relationship and totally still in love. As Lydia says, she and her husband Dan got married when they were 25 y